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Put Beautiful Ideas Into Reality With My Woodworking Service in Victor, NY

The beauty of natural woods is beyond comprehension. With the right woodworking techniques, it can transform a simple room into something very elegant. This is why I feel in love with the craft. If you’re looking for a high level of workmanship for the woodworking service, my company, Dickey's Wood Works, is ready to exceed your expectations. I have decades of experience in the industry and have worked with prominent established and individuals in Victor, NY before. Explore my website, and discover what I have in store for you.

Here Are the Services I Offer


Are you looking for decorative wooden utensils, picture frames, wine racks, wooden toys, or coat racks? These are just a few of my products. I can make wooden products with intricate designs and wooden shapes. I can take part in their planning but if you already have a picture of the design, don't hesitate to share them with me. I'll make sure that the result will just be as good as the pictures.

Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture
I customized wooden furniture such as cabinets, shelves, beds, chairs, tables, and so much more. I'll be very careful about the selection of the timber to the installation of the parts. I'll design them with your comfort, safety, and budget in mind. Expect visually appealing furniture that's less susceptible to water and pest damage. I'll pay a great deal of attention to their ease of use. 

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry
I'll personally visit your home or office for the cabinetry service. I can prepare some of the parts of the cabinetry in my shop but if you don't want to miss every procedure, I won't have any problems working on them on the site. I'll ensure that the door of the cabinets opens smoothly and free from any gaps. I'll test its durability and evaluate if it has passed the safety standards.

Custom Conference Table

Custom Conference Table
Can't find the right size and design for your custom conference table? Perhaps, would you like to add features on the tables such as small cabinets for your tech items? Let me help. I can customize the conference tables. I have years of experience as a woodworker, and I have seen many types of conference tables before. Have a design where you can proudly show to your valuable stakeholders.

Custom Signage

Custom Signage
I do custom signage for private individuals and businesses, primarily restaurants and inns. I take great pride in my wood carving calligraphy. The intricacy of the design won't matter to me. I'll be very honored if you'll check some of my samples and recent works. They're in my shop but if you can't drop by, I can also send you pictures. I can do wall signage, company logo, and so much more.

Why Hire a Professional?

Are you planning on buying furniture in your favorite retail store? It might not be a bad idea to get my custom woodworking instead. Just like houses and cars, furniture has a value. It can be sold for cash. Unfortunately, many people overlooked it and only buy the item for its purpose. If you’re ready to work with a woodworker and get more than what you’ve paid for, I’ll be here. Unlike the mass-produced furniture on store that is dedicated to capturing the taste of the general public, I’ll make sure that that yours will be specially designed to match the beauty of your interior.

How Can You Enjoy My Service?

Call and book. I’ll personally handle your call so don’t hesitate to tell me about your preferred designs. I’ll pay great attention to the furniture’s measurements, wood, and color. If I need to visit your house or study your business to find the best sets of furniture that correspond to the taste of your audience, I’ll be honored to take part in the research. Before I start putting the woods together for the custom built cabinets and other products, assure that I’ll introduce many designs and wait for your approval. I sometimes create a prototype for large scale orders.

Work with one of the veteran woodworking companies in Victor, NY. Contact Dickey's Wood Works today.

I Serve in Other Areas

Did you just moved to another city in Victor, NY, and are worried that you won’t be able to hire me anymore as your woodworker? My services are available in many areas. Check the complete list below.

  • Perinton Town, NY
  • Brighton Town, NY
  • Henrietta Town, NY
  • Penfield Town, NY
  • Pittsford Town, NY

I always organize the orders of the furniture. I don’t accept orders without explaining to customers the most feasible timeframe to deliver the project. This is one of my quality control measures during the peak season. I wanted to set expectations. Also, I don’t want the long queue to affect the quality of my craft. I prefer it over efficiency and money. So, if you secure a schedule for the custom woodworking, guarantee that my time and attention are on you and the product on the making.

It has been a while since my company, Dickey's Wood Works, expanded its operation. Despite that, I continue to check the difference in every city’s trends, standard prices for woodworking, and other factors that may affect the demand for my woodworking service. Learn more about my work by calling me today at (315) 277-7653.

Client’s Testimonial

by Clair E. on Dickey's Wood Works
I'm Still Impress!

I never expected to see this quality of workmanship. It's beyond beautiful. I just took a picture of it and show it to my friends. They too are amazed. I never mentioned to them that I hired a woodworker again but it looks like it captures their attention.

قناة توتا
قناة توتا
The team at this woodworking service are truly masters of their craft. From custom cabinetry to intricate wood carvings, they create beautiful and functional pieces that are sure to impress. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in every project they undertake.

Dickey's Wood Works
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